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17 January 2001

Walgett Shire Council unable to fill executive positions
The appointment of a General Manager to Walgett Shire Council may have been the stabiliser needed to settle the turbulence within the executive staff administering the Shire's affairs.

The General Manager's position is only one of many senior positions which remain unfilled.
Despite extensive advertising and the salary offer being raised. from $95,000 per annum to $120.000 a prospective applicant declined the Shire's offer.
The process will now recommence.
Residents of the Shire are deeply concerned that suitably qualified personnel are not being attracted to these positions. They are equally concerned that those appointed cannot be retained.
With the loss of two General managers in two years a Director of Environmental Services, Director of Engineering Services, and a position held by Colleen Hazlett all unfilled, their concerns are very real. Two positions are being held by locums whilst former Director of Financial Services, Graham Kellett, is Acting General Manager.
The Mayor, Councillor Allan Friend, who had voluntarily vacated his position has reinstated himself pending investigations into allegations of pecuniary interest brought against him in a matter before Council. It may take up to six months for this matter to be resolved.
The reasons for this instability must be sought and speedily rectified as this vast and wealthy Shire is very much dependent upon sound leadership and administration.

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