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17 January 2001

Summer Holiday Program

The Walgett Interagency Committee and Walgett Shire Youth Service have generated a Summer Holiday Program for Lightning Ridge's young people.

Over the summer holiday period there is little for Lightning Ridge's young people to do, school has finished and the long summer stretches before the Ridge's youth. Many young people in the Lightning Ridge community admit to feelings of boredom, marginalisation and a "sense of isolation", feelings that sometimes find expression in anti-social behaviour.

This project aims to address these issues through the development,and implementation of a calendar of events for young people over the summer holiday period.

This proposal has grown out of the interest and enthusiasm of the Walgett Interagency Committee and is a direct request for youth activiities from young people within the Lightning Ridge community.

This program has been possible because of the support and generosity of local organisations and individuals. However, we require the continued assistance of all community organisations and individuals, particularly the young people in Lightning Ridge to help make the Summer Holiday Program a success.

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