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17 January 2001

FWAHS reiterates the importance of hydration during hot weather

The Far West Area Health Service is reminding residents and visitors to take special care during the current heat wave and keep drinking plenty of fluids.

Far West Area Health Service Promotion Coordinator, Neroli Stayt, said with the high temperatures care is needed to prevent dehydration , particularly among the elderly and young children.

"Making sure the air conditioner is turned on each day, ensuring a good supply of fluids are handy and encouraging older adults to take a shower in the heat of the day may make all the difference," Mrs. Stayt said.

Some tips for keeping cool in the summer months include:
*Turning air conditioners on early in the morning to keep the house cool and using a fan to circulate the air.

*Keeping the blinds drawn on the sunny side of the house.

*Doing any outside jobs early in the morning or in the evening so you don't over exert yourself in the heat of the day.

*Drinking plenty of water and other fluids often - six to eight glasses or more per day to replace fluids lost through perspiration.

*Taking a cool shower or bath several times a day if necessary and keeping a wet cloth handy to wipe our face and neck regularly.

*Taking off extra clothes and shoes. Wear loose-fitting cotton clothes. 'Also remember the dangers of leaving young children, older adults and pets in cars during the summer," Mrs. Stayt concluded.

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