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25 January 2001

Clean sweep for Shire's Engineering team

Walgett Shire Council Acting Chief Engineer,Roly Lawford, is tackling serious urban problems within the Shire since his December appointment, including the storm water and sewerage fiascoes experienced by Lightning Ridge residents during the October deluges.

These issues have been bought to Council's attention on more than one occasion. No response was received to the Advocate's written representation to Councillors which included graphic photographs of the worst affected areas of town.

An inspection and report back to Council was to be made by the Acting Shire Engineer at that time. We reiterate our plea for stability within the Shire ranks. Until this happens we will continue to experience unwarranted delays in having matters or urgency attended to.

Mr. Roly Lawford, assisted by Mr. Allan Green, are tackling the backlog of unattended issues. Recommendations, followed by a program of implementation, may give Lightning Ridge residents the answers they are seeking.

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