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8 February 2001

$15,000 Resurfacing of Silica Street.

The problem areas of Silica Street are about to be resurfaced.

High volume traffic from a number of businesses on the northern side has helped cause a deterioration of the shoulders and gutters, prompting frequent complaints to Council from residential properties on the southern end of Silica Street.

It is proposed that a layer of gravel be applied to each shoulder and table-drain and a bitumen surface be applied. This will eliminate scouring and provide greater comfort for those ingressing and egressing the property accesses.

Bitumen sealing of the shoulder and rollover drain will reduce the silting effect, particularly on the corner of Harlequin and Silica Streets, as well as further down the street in the CBI) area."

The $15,000 cost of these works will be drawn from the urban streets component of the Five Year Road Plan.

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