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10 March 2001

Adoption of Shire Council -recommendations welcome

Walgett Shire Council, at its February meeting, adopted recommendations which will progress the overall review of Council's operations and the proposed Lightning Ridge Opal and Fossil Museum.

Subsequent to the strategic planning workshop held recently at Coonabarabran and facilitated by the Western Institute of TAFE,Council resolved that they would accept, in principle, the proposed organisational restructure as presented by TAFE; that the consultants be asked to advise, on all im- lernentation strategies, timetable and any necessary fine-tuning and that they will report to Council on,all financial implications of the proposed restructure.

The final strategic plan for the proposed Lightning Ridge Opal and Fossil Museum, prepare the Australian Street Company,was presented at the February council meeting.

Sixteen recommendations were adopted by Council - That Council adopts in principle the Strategic Plan including the Planning Principles, Vision, Mission, Goals Strategies and Action to 2005 for the Museum; Walgett Shire Council notes the indicative financial projections that the financial responsibilities will be vested in the Board of Management;

Walgett Shire Council and the Steering Committee commission an exploratory survey above and below ground of the New Town site, and make applications to DLWC for this land as a matter of urgency and to be funded by the Committee;

Council resolves to incorporate the Lightning Ridge Visitor Information Centre into the proposed museum facility;

Council and the Steering Committee adopt the Design Brief and call tenders for expressions of interest from architects to prepare concept drawings as a matter of urgency;

Walgett Shire Council and the Steering Committee prepare concept drawings as a matter of urgency;

Walgett Shire Council and the Steering Committee make high level representation to the State and Federal Governments for capital funding for the Museum;

Walgett Shire Council adopts a governance/management structure for the Museum and appoints members to the Board of Management, in consultation with stakeholders;

Walgett Shire Council to prepare a funding application. to the NSW Ministry for the Arts' for assistance with salary,costs associated with appointing an interim Museum Project Manager, to coordinate the Museum Project, including the provision of fund raising, marketing, organisational and management advice to the Steering Committee;

A detailed Five Year Business Plan for the Museum is developed based on the architect's drawings and the endorsed site

Council resolves to seek funding from Tourism NSW to develop a Tourism Strategy for the Walgett Shire incorporating a Lightning Ridge Visitor Survey:

Council is to seek funding from the Federal and State Governments.' Year of the Outback Programs for Museum related programs of activity in 2002;

Council resolved to urgently implement the Walgett Shire Heritage Study and Plan and to commence the Study at Lightning Ridge;

Council investigate the availability of grant funding for Main Street improvements for the Walgett Shire from the NSW Department, of State and Regional Development;

Council resolves to investigate a Master plan for the Lightning Ridge town centre including a landscaping design for the Lions Park as a gateway site incorporating decorative public art and design features;

Council resolves to develop a Public Art Policy and Plan in order to provide opportunities for artists, including Indigenous artists to work on landscaping projects across the Shire which enhance local identity and sense of place.

'The adoption of these recommendations are welcomed by the community as it will create an exceptional tourism spin-off to Lightning Ridge and Walgett Shire.

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