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12 April 2001

The Ridge, a unique Easter adventure

A mecca for tourists, the Ridge will welcome the Easter pilgrimage who seek the unique adventure package that only the Black Opal Capital can offer.

Newcomers to the Ridge will be drawn again by its magic as Easter entertainment is a bonus smorgasbord on top of our regular tourist features and the quest for the elusive black opal.

Plan your days and you will capture the ultimate frontier experience.

Your Easter Adventure highlights are available on pages 10 and 11 in the Black opal Advocate news paper and tourist attractions will have their brochures at accommodation and entertainment houses. It will be a fun packed family weekend. The kids will love the exhilaration of the goat race, the rollicking action of the Black Opal Rodeo, water fun at the Theme Park and Sunday morning surprises at the Bowling Club.

Great bands will be playing at the Hotel Motel and Club and the Leather and Feather Disco from 10pm to 2am at the Bowling Club Function Room will entice the party-goers.

Ridge history will be on parade at the Hospital Gallery opening Good Friday and our gifted artists and crafts people will be displaying their wares at various locations throughout the town. Visiting the Ridge is incomplete unless you venture to the outlying opal fields of Grawin, Sheepyard and Glengarry where you will experience unforgettable hospitality at the Glengarry Hilton and the Pub in the Scrub. Welcome to our vibrant district.

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