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18 April 2001

2001 Lightning Ridge Easter adventure

Easter at the Ridge was a fun family weekend, blessed with glorious Autumn weather. It was a busy social roundabout for our annual migration of visitors who inject so much in to the local economy.It may best be describtd as a colourful, diverse weekend adventure with the presentation of events offering something for everyone.

Many magic moments have been captured and shared.

The Heritage Hospital Gallery Opening was a mingling of Ridgeites,past and present, who viewed the fine collection of photographs, shared memories and looked in awe at the transformation of the Cottage Hospital,manned for so many years by devoted bush Nurses.

For the Trustees of the Reserve, it was a day of pride as accolades were given for their tireless efforts.

Driving force, Barbara Moritz, paid tribute to so many in her inspiring address and was touched by the presentation made to her.

All the fun of the fair was provided by -the"carnies" market and arts and craft stalls throughout the weekend.

Most Were pushed to exhaustion as they took in the Goat Races, Horse Races, Family Fun Morning, Black Opal Rodeo Spectacular and first class nightlife at the Hotel/Motel complex and the Lightning Ridge Bowling Club.

Ensuring the success of Easter at the Ridge maybe attributed to the organisational ability and generosity of so many.

Without local and out of town sponsorship,many events just wouldn't happen. Lightning Ridge, fortunately, has many movers and shakers who are driven by a love both for their community and the magical gemstone which draws and holds them here. They will always make things happen, ensuring the Easter Ridge adventure becomes a memory to be repeated for successive visitors.

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