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26 April 2001

World Champion Archery Title

John Ward, proudly shows off
his world championship medal
Just five years ago, recently crowned world champion archer, John Ward, was given just two days to live.

After four bypasses and months of recuperation John decided to defy the odds and lead as normal a life as possible.

His 20 year love of archery gave him the incentive and interest he needed at this crucial time.

John beamed with pride as he told of his recent win. Competing against 1000 local and international shooters at the four day Orange World Titles, he emerged Senior Champion in the I.F.A.A. 3D Championships.

He set three world records throughout the four day shoot. One set on the first day, he again broke on the fourth.

His present title will be added to his 1999 State and National Titles at which he was also highest point shooter of the year.

Johnís words of wisdom to us all are, "you can achieve anything, no matter what, if you really work hard at it."

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