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16 May 2001

Camps - Rate payments

The Inter-Departmental Working Party on Camps was very pleased with the manner in which holders of residential Mineral Claims were paying their rates to Walgett Shire Council.

Mr Peter Downes, Chairman of the Working Party, said Mineral Claim holders should be congratulated for their actions.

Mr Downes reminded Camp holders that they must continue to hold and renew their Mineral Claims for residence.

This is Stage I of the Governmentís resolution package for Camps, Mr Downes said.

Mineral Claim holders need to also continue to comply with the various conditions of their Mineral Claims. These conditions include ones relating to dogs, tidiness, tracks and buildings.

The Inter-Departmental Working Party was working hard to address the detail of Stage II which involves the conversion to Western Lands Leases for residence.

The Inter-Departmental Working Party met in Lightning Ridge on Friday May 11 2001 and received reports of progress from Departmental and Walgett Council representatives.

Mr Downes said Camp holders should contact the Mining Registrarís Office in Lightning Ridge (telephone no 6829 0678) if they need to renew their Mineral Claim for residence or discuss any other aspect.

Any cases of hardship will be carefully worked through to achieve progressive payment of rates," Mr Downes said.

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