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31 May 2001

A waiting game for residential claimholders

The offer of a Western Lands Lease to residential claimholders, being the successful conclusion to Stage II of this issue, is still far from being resolved.

Chairperson of the Working Committee, Peter Downes, is hopeful that a favourable decision to meet compensation that may be payable pursuant to Native Title will be made by the State Government.

This would allow Stage II to progress more speedily.

The lease conditions applied would need to meet the rights of the residential claimholder and those of intending miners.

There was some speculation that miners would not have to seek permission to mine these leases.

Special conditions may need to be formulated for these unique 50m x 50m leases as it is unlikely that they could be identical to those on grazing leases.

Mr Downes has given his assurance that conditions will be applied to these leases only after a thorough consultative process has been undertaken.

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