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31 May 2001

LRMA restructure an intellectual challenge

A restructure of the Lightning Ridge Miners Association is expected to achieve increased productivity and additional benefits to members.

Association President, Jerry Lomax, believes the intellectual challenge the new appointees will accept will offset the nominal wage the Board is able to offer.

"By clearly defining roles and prioritising it will allow greater attention to be paid to specific projects," he said. The efforts of former employees were praised by Mr. Lomax, who added, "that it was remiss of the Board for not clearly defining roles before now."

Meeting the entrepreneurial criteria in the Association’s ‘more for less’ job vacancy advertisement, will be a challenge, as the Association enters an era of additional responsibility administering the rehabilitation program applied to the mining fields.

A skilful juggling of available resources and accessing grant funding may realise their goal and the expected flow on to all Association members.

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