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7 June 2001

Seeking a fortune? Exploration NSW to boost Lightning Ridge

As part of the seven-year Exploration NSW program about $200,000 is committed in Exploration NSW projects to the Lightning Ridge region in 2001/2002.

The Government is intent on ensuring a healthy future for the opal industry in Lightning Ridge.

Exploration NSW builds on the successful Discovery 2000 exploration initiative, which stimulated $150m of exploration investment in regional NSW.

Interpretation of the Discovery 2000 information has revealed that the outlying opal fields at Lightning Ridge all occur within an "opal corridor".

Over the coming months, work at Lightning Ridge will focus on improving geological understanding of this ‘opal corridor’.

Modern airborne electromagnetic techniques will be applied for the first time in Australia to help with the understanding of the distribution and controls on opal.

To test the effectiveness of this technique an initial pilot survey will be undertaken in June 2001

The Department of Mineral Resources is working closely with the Lightning Ridge Miners Association to ensure that Exploration NSW provides a long term benefit to the opal industry. .

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