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14 June 2001

Lightning Ridge Central Audition for School Spectacular in Sydney

Lightning Ridge Central Choir With Music Teacher Mr Robert Valler

Lightning Ridge Central School Choir,who sang at the opening of the Olympic Village, faced a three person selection panel who have undertaken a tour of "bush" towns such as Bourke,Weilmoringle and Lightning Ridge, seeking talented youth to be part of the School Spectacular which will be staged November 23and 24.

Two thousand, fivehundred performers will play a part in this spectacular event which will go to air on ABC television, December 2.

Under the direction of music teacher, Robert Valler,the students performed a number of items.

Director of the School Spectacular, Mary Copus,was keen to identify particular talent as she mingled throughout their perfomance.

Calum Thompson,Patrick Small and Kate Moran were asked to present individual performances.

It will not be known for some time whether the individual and group efforts of those involved have been successful.

They were praised for their efforts which may lead to their selection

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