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21 June 2001

Court decision compounds problem

A recent landmark High Court ruling is set to send Local Government and road authorities into a frenzy.

The ruling makes it easier for motorists and pedestrians to sue if injured or damaged on roads, bridges and footpaths that have been inadequately maintained.

This will place further burdens upon councils who are struggling with inadequate repair budgets not to mention increased insurance and legal fees.

The immunity previously afforded Councils and Governments under a 213 year old English Common law has now been abolished.

Newly elected Shires Association President and Moree Mayor, Mike Montgomery, will be urging the State Government to enact legislation which will reinstate the protection that this decision has negated.

The safety of regular roadusers, particularly children in rural areas, is a priority consideration.

Placing Councils in this unenviable position is intolerable from every view point as it places students and regular roadusers at further risk.

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