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28 June 2001

Informative visit from NSW Board of Studies

John Ward (General Manager, Office of NSW Board of Studies), Fiona Prentice, Professor Gordon Stanley (President NSW Board of Studies) and Stewart Hemmings (Regional Board of Studies Liaison Officer

Representatives of the Board of Studies which is responsible for the implementation of syllabuses K-12 attended two meetings at the Ridge to hear first hand issues that may have arisen since its inception.

These syllabuses are used in Catholic, Independent and DET schools throughout NSW.

Professor Gordon Stanley (President NSW Board of Studies), John Ward (General Manager of the Office of the NSW Board of Studies) and Regional Board of Studies Liaison Officer, Stuart Hemmings met first with teachers, parents and community members prior to their dinner appointment with Rotary International.

"Changes in the Higher School Certificate involved a major reform process with the emphasis clearly upon outcomes," said Professor Stanley.

"This required developing a curriculum framework involving broad principles of contemporary learning providing continuity in learning opportunities," he said.

In open discussion some of the anomalies of the system were cited.

One such area was Maths which did not appear to be providing continuity.

A draft expected in July will be looking at K-10 Maths focusing on standards and outcomes and how students are learning.

"Recognising the gaps that exist in K-6, 7-10, the strands will be aligned and the disparity worked through," said Professor Stanley.

The outmoded computer syllabus would also be picked up as part of the review.

The lack of resources to assist with Aboriginal studies was mentioned and being addressed through a number of sources including the State Library.

The Primary School focus was upon literacy and numeracy combined with linking teaching reporting and assessment.

Central School Principal, Fiona Prentice, thanked the Boad of Studies for their visit and their informative response to the queries raised.

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