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16 August 2001

Bush Bashers woo Lightning Ridge

The NSW 2001 Variety bash went off with a bang at Lightning Ridge.

The celebrity studded line-up of 'Bashers' exploded into the 'Ridge spilling over with enthusiasm, exhilarating fun and goodwill on the second day of their 8 day fund raising extravaganza for the children of NSW.

The NSW Variety Bash has raised a staggering $21 million since it was launched by Dick Smith in 1985.

They arrived in every conceivable car model, vamped up for the occasion and for the entertainment of those who had gathered to welcome or bid them farewell.

They were extended a taste of Lightning Ridge hospitality as Lightning Ridge District Bowling Club hosted their Sunday evening dinner.

But it was the excitement of Monday at the School that left lasting impressions. This giving and sharing experience pumped the adrenaline of adults and children alike. Somewhat of an early Christmas celebration the kids flocked to receive the wonderful giveaways that just seemed endless.

The cameras clicked, the 'choppers' hovered, an organiser named Brian received a $30000 haircut in the name of charity, sportsgoods were presented to the school, the Mermaids from Palm Beach donated encyclopedias, the cavalcade of vehicles and their colourfully attired occupants passed by - and then they were gone. My thoughts flashed to the teachers who had to bring the kids down from this wonderful high to resume the routine school day.

Fortunately Lightning Ridge draws events such as the variety Bash.

Our uniqueness makes us a 'must see' destination, a place to which you must return. Many of the 'Bashers' we spoke with will do just that for perhaps 'The 2002 Opal Jewellery design Awards' or any of the features for which we are known. We have the product, we must nurture and sustain it.

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