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13 September 2001

Success Follows Success for Barriekneal ventures

The dynamic driving force behind many of the Barriekneal projects is Bev Manton who is tireless in her endeavours to broaden the already expansive range the company is offering to consumers.

The success of the Brumby bags manufactured locally has been well documented and building upon this success Bev is currently negotiating with Novotel - Daydream Island, Aussie Skins Direct, International Hyatt symposiums as well as other organisations who will use the bags for conference materials.
The Barriekneal sewing team again came to the fore in Brumby's national publication, Buzz.
Brumby's Victorian Franchise Support Manager stumbled upon the group on a guided tour of the Mungo National Park. He was delighted to discover that they were the ladies who had sewn Brumby's 100,000 saddle bags.
He commented on the wonderfully positive effect the project had upon all their lives particularly as a boost to the self confidence.
In the same edition of Buzz, Bev Manton and Fred Hooper are pictured accepting the plaque of appreciation from Brumby's shop manager, Liz Martin in April this year.
Until Ms. Martin visited the area she would not fully comprehend the impact that this venture had had upon the contributing communities of Lightning Ridge, Coonamble, Walgett and Goodooga.
Bev Manton bubbles with enthusiasm as she now speaks of the twelve month mentor program she is about to launch.
"It will be initiated in five different locations and should commence late October/November," she said.
Bev undertook an accredited course in Sydney to develop the contents of the program which will focus upon indigenous job placement.
"Ongoing business recognition for Western NSW towns has been the by-product of Sandra Noris' recent visit," said Mrs Manton.
"We have had 12 trainees this year who have progressed through Certificates II and III with Walgett TAFE in Soft Furnishings.
"Our ladies are becoming so accomplished and will soon be manufacturing both polo shirts and workwear," she said.
Barriekneal and the Lightning Ridge community may be justifiably proud of this amazing success story.
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