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27 September 2001

Mayoral elections place Cr Waterford at helm

Mayor Peter Waterford with Deputy Mayor Prue Hutchinson

Council, at its September Open Forum Meeting held at Collarenebri, conducted the annual Mayoral elections. An ordinary ballot was conducted for the positions of Mayor and Deputy by General Manager, Vic North.

There were two candidates contest each position, Messrs Allan Friend and Peter Waterford for Mayor, and Prue Hutchinson and Tim Horan, Deputy Mayor. Councillor Waterford was duly elected Mayor with Councillor Hutchinson, Deputy. In assuming his role as Mayor Peter Waterford reflected upon earlier comments by Councillor Greenaway "that at last we're all talking to each other".

He praised retiring Mayor, Councillor Friend for "continuing to move on during his term" and the Senior Staff who had "joined Walgett Shire and given it a face". He concluded by expressing his desire to see Walgett Shire Council emerge a great council in the next few years.

Councillor Friend took the opportunity to thank council for the honour of representing it. He praised all levels of staff, congratulated Councillor Waterford on his appointment and wished him well for the ensuing 12 months.

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