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27 September 2001

Dubbo exhibition for local artists

Winner of the Walgett Shire Council Acquisitive, Jolana Voeks

"'Fragments' - broken pieces of history, forgotten, perhaps discarded without any real thought to their value; a worthwhile story to tell.

"I feel it can be told visually through artistic works form the Murdi Paaki region, whether it is subtly told by deletion or whether it is expressed in a very upfront way that demands attention and a direct response," said Gail Naden, Regional Indigenous Cultural Officer.

"Fragments is a theme of the exhibition of works by indigenous artists of the Outback Arts region, being held in Dubbo late September, October and early November.

"Fragments" will be held in conjunction with the Papunya Tula exhibition of works by indigenous artists from the Northern Territory which is being displayed at the Dubbo Regional Gallery. "Fragments" will subtlety show the "lost" art forms from western NSW by displaying diverse traditional and contemporary art styles adopted by artists of this region; in comparison with the Papunya Tula works, which come from the early 1970's when a new art form "dot painting" was established.

"Fragments" will show the importance of collating information to promote local history. It will also re-enforce the need to re-establish links with elders, artists, story-tellers/historians and dancers to retain our cultural identity and heritage. Local artists Eve Brown and Tanya Henry will be featured in the Exhibition. Until 1987, indigenous artist Tanya Henry, was unaware of the artistic talents trapped in her young mind.

She was given the opportunity to explore this talent by her opal-mining father. This path of discovery has continued intermittently for Tanya ever since. The art she has accumulated displays the natural progression of this very gifted artist's work. Today her unique work displays the depth of her feeling for Mother Nature and the extent to which she will go to express her art form.

It is vibrant, it is alive, it is real and as it impacts upon the viewer it displays courage and determination as it carefully links age old Aboriginal characteristics with today's Australia. Tanya has been encouraged to show and share her work and the aura of confidence and anticipation that she now embraces will inspire her to greater heights.

Tanya has secured her label of authenticity which secures her identity and her works worth to purchasers. There were many who foresaw the talent of local artist, Eve Brown. They recognised her natural ability and attention to fine detail which places her apart from so many.

Her contemporary art forms are distanced from traditional indigenous pieces but no less appealing. Her youthful exuberance reflects in her work which still proudly depicts her indigenous heritage. Eve is able to convey her message through many art mediums including her spectacular pottery and carvings.

At this point in her career she is on the threshold of marketing her work and herself to the art world. The coming exhibition of her work in Dubbo will be one such opportunity and a stepping stone to future success.

"Fragments" opens on Friday September 28 and will run until November 11. The exhibition will be at the Grape Vine cafe, the Darbar Indian Restaurant, Sticks and Stones Woodfire Pizza and Jules Crepes and Steaks.

Artist Tanya Henry in front of one of her unique paintings Talented artist, Eve Brown

A selection of Eve's unique pottery
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