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4 October 2001

Council restructure produces vibrant team

'The Senior management Restructure of Walgett Shire opens a new chapter in its future management', said newly appointed Mayor, Peter Waterford.

Undertaken to overcome some past difficulties, Mayor, Peter Waterford, commented that 'this was the greatest thing that had been initiated in Walgett Shire in one hundred years'. Some time ago Tafe was asked by Council to make recommendations following a series of workshops conducted with Shire representation.

Acting upon these recommendations Council proceeded to appoint a General Manager. Guided by Council, the newly elected General Manager, Vic North, undertook the re structure. 'I was very happy with the number and quality of applicants', said Mr. North. 'The panels presiding over each appointment were seeking applicants with skills to take us to the next stage', he said.

'I believe we have a very strong team who will strive towards common goals, playing the same game, applying the same rules, moving in the same direction, applying the same principles, achieving quality results for the whole of Walgett Shire', said the general Manager.

Locals joining this exciting team are Christina Johansson, Facilitator Community Services, Stephen Odri, Manager Council Assets and Matthew Goodwin, Manager Development Services.

Christina Johansson, Facilitator Community Services

Stephen Odri, Manager Council Assets

Matthew Goodwin, Manager Development Services.

The overall team comprises Vic North, General Manager; Jonathon Wooldridge, Group Manager Services Management; David Harvey, Manager Financial Services; Matthew Goodwin, Manager Developmental Services; Christina Johansson, Facilitator Community Services; Brigid Walsh, Manager Executive Services; John Burden, Group Manager Infrastructure Management; Allan Green, Manager Utilities and Recreation; Deb Gardam, Human Resources Officer; Steven Odri, Manager Council Assets; unfilled position, Manager Roads and Bridges.

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