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25 October 2001

Substantial water saving from Dungalear piping and capping scheme

Norman Wise and Ian Butler,
Dungalear landholder

The Department of Land and Water Conservation conducted a field day to officially open the successfully completed Dungalear capping and piping scheme.

Six properties extended over 24,000 hectares committed themselves to this scheme managed by Dungalear Property Land Care Group. Mr Ian Butler, owner of Dungalear, chairs this group. The Field Day was a culmination of the work effected which has produced a substantial water saving impact.

This 80 to 90 percent saving is coupled with a 20 to 25 percent improvement in the clarity of the bore water.

Commencing at 10am those attending the Field Day looked at a range of information on Dungalear and other projects. West 2000 and Western Irrigation also provided information.

Norman West led the interested group on an inspection of the borehead and gave a presentation on its operation and the changes it had effected.
Informal presentations by Norman West and Steve Cheal were made for the benefit of landholders not yet involved in a scheme similar to Dungalear.

Ronald Warbie, Manager NSW Bore Water Users spoke broadly of the scheme.
Comments made by MrWarbie were reiterated by Mr Butler who cited the obvious advantages created by the scheme.
Water savings headed the list but substantial time saved cleaning drains and cleaner water were also highlighted.
Lunch followed the official opening by Tim Ferraro, Department of Land and Water Conservation. "There has been a very positive response from landholders," said Mr Ferraro.

"They have gone into debt to see this scheme eventuate and have presented no resistance." Whilst there was no champagne on hand for the official opening, those attending were certainly invited to test the water.

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