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1 November 2001

Easter Saturday great surprise

Apart from all the other entertainment being featured on Easter Saturday, including the Australian Goat Racing Championships, we may be fortunate enough to host an incredible Cutting Horse Display. This event will take place after the Horse Races, and should help to keep more of our tourists in town. It will take about two and a half to three hours and will feature lots of audience participation, including the famous "fat cats" and "celebrities" of the town ...

This is all possible thanks to our new members Alistair and Katrina Klein, who purchased the local bus and coach company, Northern Coaches. They have been involved with Cutting Horses for many years and own their own string of horses.

Apparently people like Normie Rowe, John Farnham, Tony Murphy etc are Cutting Horse show fanatics as well and attend shows whenever they can.

Alistair and Katrina also own the mobile enclosures for the show making it possible for us to stage this as a wonderful lead-up to the famous Pyrotechnics Fireworks Display on Saturday night. The Easter Festival is starting to look bigger and better than ever and should be a major boost for the town.

H. Kreller, Secretary
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