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14 November 2001

'Mrs Spunk' to run Big Trivia Night

The new Great Goat Race Committee is ecstatic to have been able to convince the towns 'spunky lady' to be the MC at the BIG TRIVIA night.

This major event will take place on Saturday, 24 November, Auditorium of the Bowling Club. The questions are designed to give everyone an equal opportunity to shine, regardless of educational background.

We are in the process of inviting all of the town's organisations, associations etc., to put together one or more tables of 6 people each for this function. We will try to put the letters 'fun back in the work 'function'.

The new Committee is extremely grateful for the strong support so kindly shown for the Great Goat Races by the community at the raffle stall during last Saturday's elections.

Remember, we are endeavouring to bring back to town the crowds of old by staging an Easter Saturday rich in entertainment. We have already begun the TV promotions on Imparja for the Australian Goat Racing Championships on Easter Saturday morning.

We are also in the process of confirming the famous 20 piece Marching Band, the brilliantly colourful and noisy pyrotechnics fireworks, display, the $1000 Battle of the Buskers, the staging of Alistair and Katrina's Horse Cutting event on Saturday evening, and heaps more.

Despite pressures from all sides we are keeping secret the identity of the glorious 'Mrs Spunk'', our MC for the trivia night, to avoid any nobbling attempts, or whatever happens on such big occasions...

H. Kreller, Secretary
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