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21 November 2001

New look Walgett Shire reveals exciting plans for 2002

*Walgett Shire Council name and logo change motion
*Australia Day celebrations
*Year of the Outback concert
*Year of the Outback film

Herman Kreller and John Murray with the film crew John Carter, John McIntosh, Ann Aucotec and Brett Cocking

Shooting on location at John Murray's Art Gallery for promotion of outback NSW in the Year of the Outback 2002

With the fast approach of Australia Day 2002 and Year of the Outback, Walgett Shire Council are co-ordinating a series of events which are set to entertain and draw tourists to the region. The Australia Day celebrations in 2002 will be hosted by Lightning Ridge and co-ordinated by an enthusiastic sub-comittee who are bursting at the seams with innovative ideas.

Local organisations will be invited to contribute to this thought pool. It is expected that the celebrations will commence at 4pm and carry on into the night.

Walgett Shire Council has also been successful in securing a major Year of the Outback event. An event co-ordinator will be recruited to present the proposed outdoor concert. Seed funding of $15,000 will be allocated by NSW Year of the Outback towards event costs. Proposlas made by Lehman and Associates have been endorsed by the Walgett Shire Tourism Steering Committee.

The staging of the event aims to:
*Create a very high degree of national media interest for the opening of the 2002 - Year of the Outback.
*Build indigenous/non-indigenous working relationships in the Outback through the venue and excitment of a rock concert.
*Build a national awareness and awakening of the Outback through the all-day/weekend event focusing on a wide demographic audience.
*Create strong community celebration, participation and ownership in all towns and villages of the Walgett Shire.
*Act as a catalyst for all people of Walgett Shire to unite and celebrate their past and look forward to the future - an awakening.
*Promote Walgett Shire in a positive light to combat the negative media exposure of the past.
*To raise the profile and increase recognition of the brand Walgett Shire in the mind sets of all Australians through extensive media exposure.

At its November meeting the following motion was put:
1 That Council agrees to change the Walgett Shire Council name and logo to a new name and logo that is more representative of the whole Shire and move in line with the new direction and image of Council.
2 That Council promotes two competitions within the community to obtain proposals for a new Council name and a new Council logo design and that Council offers two five hundred dollar prizes, one prize for the winner of each competition, with Council acting as the judge to select the winning entries.

The mover of the motions, Councillor David Lane, withdraw his motions in favour of the following: "That Walgett Shire Council promote and facilitate a shirewide community discussion on what are the necessary elements to be incorporated in projecting the image of the Shire to its own citizens and the wider world."

Councillors Mitchell, Friend, Bow and Greenaway requested their votes be recorded against the motion.

A team of photographers shooting a number of local tourist attractions and characters was captured during the week.

It will be used in the promotion of Outback NSW for the Year of the Outback 2002 celebrations and will also appear on worldwide television.
Tourism Development Officer, Leeanne Christie, has resigned her position with Council. The position is unfilled at this point.
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