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27 November 2001

Local artists shine at Schools Spectacular

A celebration of childhood. A performance by lead vocalists and puppet dancers at the 2001 Schools Spectacular

Their magic moment, Callum Thompson and Patrick Small perform centre stage at the Schools Spectacular

The Annual Schools Spectacular is a highlight of the education calendar in NSW. Over seven years, the Spectacular has gained national renown for its outstanding and vibrant display of the achievements of NSW public schools in the performing arts.

The 2001 Schools Spectacular at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on November 23 and 24 celebrated the artistic achievements of students from public schools across New South Wales with superb performances from 2500 students from over 300 schools.

Lightning Ridge Central Primary and High School choirs were proudly represented. For Patrick Small and Callum Thompson, the youngest duo to ever perform at a Schools Spectacular, it was an exceptional honour to be centre stage singing Permission to Shine, before capacity crowds.

The 2001 Schools Spectacular Performance will go to air on the ABC, Sunday December2 at 8.30pm. The success of our local artists may be attributed to the dedication, and enthusiasm, of music teacher Robert Valler, who has tapped into their talent and elevated them to a most creditable performance level.

He will be sorely missed when he takes up his appointment at Aberdeen in the new year.
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