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27 November 2001

Barriekneal wins State Employment and Business Award

Barriekneal Housing and Community Ltd has been congratulated by the NSW Department of Education and Training Moree District Superintendent, Ian Wilson, on winning the Private Employer Category of the biennial Aboriginal Employment and Business Awards.

Mr Wilson said the awards were presented in Darling Harbour last Friday. "The awards acknowledge outstanding achievement by organisations, businesses and individuals committed to the recruitment and employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people," said Mr Wilson.

"Barriekneal's many activities make it clear why it has won the award. "It began as a community housing co-operative in 1976 and has grown to have more than 200 Aboriginal employees. It has net assets of more than $5 million in its work managing 57 home sites for Aboriginal people and in its additional activities such as retail, hospitality, livestock and management serves, education and support for regional Aboriginal groups. It is the biggest source of indigenous employment in the region.

"Barriekneal and other employers and trainers of indigenous people are the proof that the vigour of Aboriginal corporations and businesses in successfully bringing economic self-determination to Aboriginal people.

"I congratulate Barriekneal on winning this award, which is a mark of that progress and a strong indictor that the organisation's influence will continue to grow for the benefit of the entire community."

The Awards are sponsored by the NSW Departments of Education and Training, State and Regional Development and Aboriginal Affairs.

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