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24 October 2001


Plans are progressing well for the successful staging of the town’s major event for the year 2002, namely the Rotary District Conference, being held at Lightning Ridge the weekend before Easter, from 22 to 24 March 02.

Due to the grim shortage of Motel and Hotel accommodation for such a big event we have gratefully received kind offers from locals to host home stay and Bed/Breakfast facilities. As the visiting Rotarians will be paying for the privilege to stay privately, we will need to devise a scale, or rating, to be able to advise them of the various standards and costs per day.

For the next two weekends we will be contacting the kind hosts who had offered their spare rooms, camps and caravans. At the same time, anybody who has recently discovered that they are in a position to play host to some visiting Rotarians, for payment, please contact Herman 68290333 at the Opal Cave.

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