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24 October 2001


We are starting our publicity programme early this year to regain the large crowds we used to enjoy having at the Ridge during these festivities.

By providing a huge amount of prize money, as well as all the racing gigs for the competitors, plus never before seen entertainment during, and especially after the Great Goat Races we are trying to increase tourism not only to Lightning Ridge, but the whole Shire.

The kindhearted local artist, our own John Murray, has emerged as our major sponsor. He is kindly providing our Committee with a 2002 Great Goat Racing painting for us to raffle or auction. We also will be able to use an appropriate section of this painting as our logo and emblem for next year’s T-shirts, etc. This will be of great help, to enable us to cover the thousands of dollars required for the Insurance policies and prize monies, plus the advertising and publicity costs.

Also, Weeks Newsagency are kindly donating the 12 rims for he 6 racing gigs, plus half the cost of the tubes and tyres. This is a big help, as we only have to cover the very small sum of $144 for the 12 complete wheels.

We sincerely thank the above. Our Committee member David Roussell also is kind enough to build the 6 racing gigs for us and is busy investigating the various possible designs…..

We must say with a great deal of pride that our local community has rallied strongly to re-create the spirit of old, especially with us now claiming these Great Goat Races to be the Australian Championships as well.

The activities during and after the races should keep the crowds busy, with the emphasis being put on family entertainment.

H. Kreller

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